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Welcome to Optimized Technical Solutions

Optimized Technical Solutions, LLC specializes in developing solutions with a special interest in the energy transportation business. Integral to those solutions is a focus on improving the productivity, efficiency and reliability in the design, operation and maintenance of facilities. With 60 years of experience in multiple areas of the natural gas industry, we have the expertise to consider all contributing factors of an issue. A comprehensive analysis leads to a solution that optimizes the approach to provide effective, efficient results.

Efficiency and reliability improvements are not only good for the environment, they lower operating costs and increases profitability. Nationally, efforts are underway to add energy efficiency as an integral part of the regulatory process. Optimized Technical Solutions, LLC provides an effective approach to efficiency improvements as we understand the complexities of the physical world, model it in the mathematical world, and apply it to the business world.

Our Mission

Our goal is very simple: to provide expert advice and training to maximize the efficiency and reliability of existing or proposed energy transportation systems. The ultimate result - producing the lowest operating costs and maximum value for our clients. Our focus is on providing guidance where improvements are economical and prioritized based on those that provide the most value and reduce the impact to the environment.

Company Profile

Optimized Technical Solutions, LLC is a based in Omaha, Nebraska. We are a small company committed to providing our clients with value added services. The principals at the company include Lisa and Gary Choquette, both recognized names in the natural gas industry for their technical expertise.

We have experience working on ten major interstate and intrastate pipelines from Texas to Canada and Florida to California. Please see our products and services pages for more details on what we can do for you.

Our Pledge

For our customers, we promise to:

  • Give the utmost in performance and value.
  • Participate in none but honest enterprise.
  • Be honest, open, and forthcoming.
  • Live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards of professional conduct.
  • Place service before profit, the honor of standing of the profession before personal gain, and the safety and welfare of the public above all other considerations.